Bold Men Awards 2018

Pakistan witnessed Bold Men Awards 2018 that shook up the awards game in the country​​. There were stars, there was glamour, there was excitement, with a whole lots more! With categories like best comedian, best anchor, best sportsman, best designer and so on, the awards acknowledged and rewarded the hard work of many charismatic, skilled and stylish individuals. Following this, Hilal Care Pvt. Ltd. br​ought ​Bold Men Awards 2018​ that were​ bigger and bette​r. ​​​Bold Men Awards takes this grand ceremony as an opportunity to celebrate individuals who make Pakistan proud. The awards celebrated individuals belonging to different fields who have contributed to the growth of the society with their hard-work and talent. The awards took place through Bold’s Facebook page where users had the chance to vote for their favorite nominees and the winners were chosen via users choice.​